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Moody color tones designed to tell a story.

‘Moody Tones’ is a collection of photography presets for the Adobe Lightroom® suite and Photoshop® Adobe Camera Raw. Moody Tones offers a rich, deep aesthetic designed to give a “moody” feel. The presets help images to tell a story, building a strong, consistent look to your work. The collection features 10 Moody Tone compatible with Desktop and Mobile.

Create a rich, deep and consistent look to your work.

The deep tone of these presets pushes a hint of teal or green into the shadows, while ensuring the skin tones still pop against their cooler counterparts. Each preset lowers the overall exposure of the image, creating a moody aesthetic which is perfect for travel, outdoor, portrait or street photography. The collection below is an interactive gallery of images showing the results of the presets on RAW images from a range of cameras.

How To Use

Cross-platform presets designed for Lightrom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile.

Whether you are shooting on a professional camera or using your smartphone, we’ve designed these presets to work on images from cameras and smartphones alike. Seamlessly switch between editing on your Lightroom Desktop software or Lightroom mobile app, with no difference in quality or color.



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